Academic Counselling for Examinations – ACE Program for induction in CSS/PMS


This much needed comprehensive counselling course for fresh graduates who are planning to appear in CSS Examination.

Accordingly, CSS Examination offers an illustrious and celebrated career to the fresh graduates in Pakistan. Hence, every single educated youth in Pakistan, at one point of time or the other, essentially aspires to become a CSP officer, but very few are able to materialize their dream. According to the results of the CSS (2000) examination, a total of 39,630 aspirants applied for the exam whereas only 18,553 managed to appear for the written test out of whom a meagre number of 376 could manage to succeed at infinitesimally small pass percentage of 2%.

Why you should attend ACE Program for CSS/PMS?

Remember 98% of the CSS aspirants apply for the CSS examination but cannot make it to the last stage, not because they lack merit and caliber but principally because of lack of proper planning at the pre-preparation phase, lack of relevant knowledge of rules and regulations, lack of counselling and, finally, because of exploitation and money making tricks of CSS academies. The ACE Program enables the CSS aspirants not only to understand the nature and purpose of this examination and the right time to appear in it but also to measure the amount of effort and input needed to qualify this exam.

Who should attend?

  • Fresh graduates and CSS aspirants who are planning to appear in this exam
  • CSS/PMS aspirants who are already preparing for the exam
  • All others who are somehow undecided or confused whether or not to appear in the CSS examination

Advantages of the Program

  • This course will end the confusion, if any, in your mind as to whether or not you should appear in CSS/PMS examination.
  • Since this course discusses in detail the steps to be taken at the pre-preparation phase, it will enable you to decide the exact time when you should start preparing for this exam.
  • This course will also help you to decide when exactly to make your first attempt to appear in CSS 
  • This course will ensure huge saving in terms of your time and money which you might otherwise waste in haphazardly joining CSS preparatory academies without planning beforehand.

What is included in the ACE Program for CSS/PMS:

This program is offered in a variety of way – live online, in-person, one-on-one mentoring, group coaching and, most commonly, in the form of a seminar for a large gathering. Upon registration, the aspirants will cover the following topics:

  • What is the nature and purpose of CSS/PMS competitive Examinations?
  • What are different parts of the examination
  • What is complete eligibility criteria?
  • What FPSC requires from the potential successful aspirants?
  • What steps to be taken at pre-preparation phase?
  • What are the available groups of subjects for written examination?
  • How to make the perfect subject selection to ensure success at written stage?
  • How to tell if you are ready to start preparing for CSS/PMS?
  • What are Do’s & Don’ts for written examination and psychological test/interview